The key steps to complete before departing on an international flight from HSIA normally consists of:

• Preparing for your visit to HSIA

• Arriving at HSIA

• Checking in for your flight

• Clearing customs and border protection

• Clearing security screening

• Relaxing before your flight

• Boarding your flight

Preparing for your visit to HSIA

Use our Pre-flight check list to assist you in preparing for your international flight before you get to HSIA.

• Contact your airlines in advance if you require special assistance.

• Check the security regulations in relation to what you can and cannot take through the security screening point and onto an aircraft, including prohibited items and dangerous goods.

• Be aware of the rules for the amount of liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) you can take on-board an international flight. This includes duty free liquids, aerosols and gels such as alcohol, perfume or cosmetics, regardless of where they were purchased before the security screening point.

• Do not make jokes about bombs or make security threats. This is a criminal offence and the police may be called. As a consequence you might miss your flight or your airline might not allow you to board your flight.

• Don’t leave your baggage unattended at any time, as it will be treated as suspicious and taken away.

• Do not exceed your airlines’ designated baggage allowances.

• If you need to contact your airline use our airline directory page for contact details.

If you are travelling with children:

• Allow extra time for each step of the departure process.

• Be aware of the liquid, aerosol and gel (LAG) exemptions for parents travelling with children.

• Check with your airline regarding the carriage of prams / strollers.

For ground transport options to HSIA:

• Please contact your hotel authority for rental taxi/car services. Your airline might also provide a bus service from hotel to airport.

• The airport is easily accessible via public transport, but please allow extra time in your schedule for traffic jams.

Arriving at HSIA

• If you have any questions about the terminal please approach one of our airport officials.

If you are travelling with children:

• Parents’ rooms are located throughout the terminal, both before and after Customs.

• HSIA does not provide designated childrens’  playing areas. But the airport is safe enough for them to stroll about, even though parental guidance is always recommended.

Checking in for your flight

• Confirm your finalized check-in counter and the opening times of your check-in using the flight information display screens.

• Check your ticket confirmation for airline’s check-in times.

• Some airlines allow you to check-in online, for further details contact your airline.

• Have all tickets and passports ready.

• Use the flight information display screens located throughout the terminal for latest flight information updates.

If you are travelling with children:

• Some airlines provide strollers for use inside the terminal after Customs and Border Protection. Check with your airline if they offer this service. HSIA does not provide stroller service itself.

Clearing customs and border protection

• An outgoing passenger immigration card must be completed for all passengers in your group, including one for each child.

• A passport, completed outgoing passenger immigration card and boarding pass must be presented for each passenger in your group.

Clearing security screening

• Please be informed of the allowed goods and packages inside the airport, including your clearance for liquid and gels.

• Please do not carry sharp objects or weapons with you. They are not allowed and you might be charged, if apprehended.

If you are travelling with children:

• Use the security screening points dedicated to parents travelling with children.

• Know the LAG exemptions for parents travelling with young children.

Relaxing before your flight

• There are a large range of shops and eating and drinking options after you clear Security Screening.

• Purchase books, magazines, snacks and drinks to take on board your flight.

• It is only a five minute walk at most to any gate.

• All duty free purchases must be finalized 20 minutes before your flight departs.

• You can change currency at HSIA via local banks and money exchanges.

If you are travelling with children:

• There is no designated children’s play area.

• Parents’ room is available, please ask any airport official if you cannot find it.

Boarding your flight

• Have your boarding pass ready.

• Be at the boarding gate by the time designated by your airline.

• Keep an eye on the flight information screens throughout the terminal for flight status updates.

• For some international flights, you may be required to undergo secondary screening measures at your departure gate. Please co-operate with the security personnel.

• No hot drinks are permitted upon boarding.

Yup, we guess that’s it! Hope you have a happy and uneventful flight.