Arriving passengers in HSIA should follow the simple steps below to complete the arrival procedures.

Preparing for Arrival at HSIA:

Here is some useful information to assist passengers in planning their arrival at HSIA:

• Please check your ticket or with your airline to confirm your terminal for arrival. Please inform your guide accordingly.

• Contact your airlines in advance if you require special assistance.

• The prayer room and medical assistance is available on the first floor, south-east direction. They are properly marked via sign posts. If you face any issues, ask a volunteer (they wear bright parrot colored jackets), they will assist you in any way possible.

• Please contact your airlines  for information about items you must declare when arriving in Dhaka.

• Do not take any food off the aircraft.

• No porter services are available in Arrivals, unless especially provided/arranged for you by airline authorities.

If you are travelling with children:

• Parents’ Room facilities are located in the baggage collection areas and the Arrivals Hall.

• No strollers are available inside HSIA. Please carry your own stroller, if necessary. Most airlines do not charge extra for carrying strollers. Please contact your airline for further information regarding strollers and child-care facilities.


After landing, please have the following documents ready before proceeding to the Immigration Hall. The direction you should be heading to is marked with big signs hanging from the ceiling. You can also ask any airport staff (look for an ID card) or volunteer (bright parrot colored jacket).

• A valid passport.
• Other travel related documents, if applicable.
• National Identity Card (if available, for Bangladeshi citizens)

Baggage Reclaim

After immigration check, please proceed to the Baggage Reclaim Hall to pick up your bags.

Your checked in baggage is tagged by our special automated system which tracks and scans each piece of baggage from check-in to loading. Baggage is passed through scanners and checked for illegal items before delivery. Please do not carry live animals/pets inside baggage.

Please ask a volunteer (parrot colored jacket) if you are having trouble in finding/locating your baggage.

Customs and Excise

You may proceed to Customs and Excise control after reclaiming your bags.

Taxes range between 0% (on necessities) and 300% (on cigarettes). Please carry receipts of your foreign purchase/import for easy clearance. You may check for import rates from the taxation authority beforehand.

Your luggage will be inspected on arrival, and you might be requested to open/declare contents inside, if asked. Firearms are prohibited on arrival and departure except by special permit from the official authorities. Alcohol might be detained unless they were imported with prior approval.

Thats it! Done! Now you may take a car and go to your destination!

You may rent a taxi right outside the airport, but beware of cheats and exorbitant rates. It is best if you have your guide (most hotels provide guide assistance themselves as a complimentary service) in Bangladesh take care of this part of the journey. HSIA has a large parking lot, and if any car is supposed to wait for you, they can easily do so. Carry your drivers’/guides’ cellphone number so that you may contact him after you land. Please carry spare cash (there is a money exchange inside HSIA) in case you need it.

Shagotom, welcome to Bangladesh.