Instructions about carrying licensed gun on board

03 October 2016
Dear Valued Passengers,
If you have licensed gun you are allowed to carry it on flight. But you need to abide by few regulations:
1. Declare the possession of your gun at the entrance gate of the airport (to CAAB security/AVSEC)
2. Show your license.
3. Fill up the fire arm declaration from to be provided by the airlines.
4. Arms and ammunitions to be separated and the bullets should not be in the magazine.
5. Deposite your arms and ammunitions at the check in counter of airlines.
6. In domestic terminal of HSIA you may handover it to the airlines ticket counter.
7. Make sure that you have got the counter foil of the arms declation form which you will use to claim your gun at the destination.
8. Before depositing the gun you must emptied the chamber. Take help of Armed police to do that. Do not do it by yourself.
9. Remember, if you do not declare that you have arms/ammunitions in your bag and if you can not produce the license then you may be prosecuted. This will be treated as OFFENCE.

FOD drill 2016

16 September 2016




Must show valid & printed ticket

03 November 2015
Passengers are requested to show valid printed air ticket and passport/National ID/Photo ID while entering the airport. Thank you.

All the masts inside apron are easily visible now !!!

26 October 2015
All the masts located inside apron have been painted with Red and White colour bands in accordance with the flight safety regulations.



Apron Cleanliness Day, 2015

14 April 2015
Apron Cleanliness Day has been observed at HSIA in the form of collecting & cleaning FOD (Foreign Object Debris). Participants from all the airlines and other stakeholders joined the drill to clean up the Apron which is a mandatory affair to ensure safety of aircraft, crews as well as passengers. This is the first time in Civil aviation history to have such event involving all the stakeholders of the airport. This endeavor will be continued in every month from now on.

Apron-cleaniness-day-FOD (1)

Apron-cleaniness-day-FOD (2)

Apron-cleaniness-day-FOD (3)

Apron-cleaniness-day-FOD (4)

Apron-cleaniness-day-FOD (5)

Apron-cleaniness-day-FOD (6)

Airport Emergency Exercise, 2015

05 January 2015
For the first time in the history of Hazrat Shahjalal Int’l Airport an emergency exercise on “Bomb threat” has been conducted on 05 January 2015. The Honorable Chairman of CAAB had witnessed the exercise as the Chief Guest. There was a huge participation from BD Army, BD Air Force, RAB, Police, APBn, Ansar, CAAB Security, Fire Service and Civil Defense, Different Hospitals, BD Biman, other airlines, Customs, Immigration etc. EOD team from Bangladesh Air Force reported first with their equipment and personnel for the purpose of bomb disposal. Then team from BD Army and RAB came on the spot. All the participants did their part in a professional way and the exercise played a great role for the training of CAAB and Airlines personnel and also the Bomb disposal team from different agencies to evaluate their own performance. Hopefully we will continue such exercise more frequently in the future.

emergency-exercise (1)

emergency-exercise (2)

Distribution of Sweaters

31 December 2014
We have distributed woolen sweater to all the trolleymen of HSIA. During severe cold this will give them comfort and will increase efficiency.

Observation of Victory Day, 2014

16 December 2014
We have offered small token of momento to all the passengers who have landed on the Victory Day at HS Int’l Airport Dhaka. This is to create a patriotic feelings among the people and to remind our commitment to the nation. Conceptualized by the Chairman, Bangladesh Civil Aviation Authority and implemented by the Director, HSIA.





Aerodrome Certificate handover ceremony

14 December 2014
Chairman CAAB is handing over the Aerodrome Certificate to Director HSIA.

Another new toilet …. opened

14 December 2014
Dear Valued Passengers,
We have opened another new toilet at Boarding Gate 4. Gradually we will renovate/construct all the toilets of the terminal building. Thanks.

Security Awareness Week 2014

21 November 2014
We have launched “Security Awareness Week 2014″ at HSIA from today. Please give your opinion and comments to make it successful. Thanks.

Gate no 5 (Flying Club) is re-positioned

12 November 2014
The old steel gate is permanently closed. New guard room with archway and Screening machine has been placed to enhance the security. Hope you all will appreciate!!

Uniforms for Airport Taxi Service Employees

To bring harmony and discipline to the Airport Taxi services, Director, HSIA has introduced Uniforms for Airport Taxi service employees. Three types of uniforms have been introduced for Supervisors, Coordinators and Drivers. More so, all the vehicles will have stickers of CAAB and Taxi company pasted on windshield. (02 October 2014)

Combined Complain Centre, HSIA

We have opened a combined Complain Centre (CCC) at the airport. The location of CCC is opposite to CHAMELI lounge at the ground floor of Terminal 2. Regarding any irregularities, problems related to airport/passengers’ facilitation, please feel free to inform CCC. You may go physically or call the numbers mentioned below.

CCC Numbers: 8901455 (Direct BTCL), 8901904-18 Extension 3274, 3170 (CAAB-PABX). You may also reach Duty Security Officer (DSO) at 8901453.

New Travel Tax

Dear Valued Passengers, Ministry of Finance has issued a SRO regarding new Travel Tax. This has been effective from 1 July 2014. According to the SRO each passenger has to pay the following amount for travelling to different countries as Travel Tax:
a. North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Hongkong, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Combodia and Taiwan will pay TK=4,000/-
b. SAARC countries TK=1,200/-
c. Countries not mentioned above TK=3,000/-

Warning for Helicopter & General Aviation Passengers

Dear Helicopter & General Aviation Passengers, you are requested not to use Gate No 6 (Earlier name Danish Gate) for Departure and Arrival purposes. This is a breach of Airport security and safety rules. So, a warning message is written on the Gate No 6 and all passengers are requested to pass through Domestic Terminal for Departure and Arrival.

Anti-Mosquito Drive at HSIA

Lot of efforts have been taken by the Airport Authority to get rid of the mosquito menace with the consultancy help from DG Health and logistics from City Corporation !!

Off Loading or Deporting

Dear passengers due to some unfortunate reasons you may face events like “Off Loading” or Deporting”. The following are the main reason why you may be deported or off loaded:
Offloading Causes:
– You may become sick after boarding the aircraft
– If you have improper documents found & checked by immigration
– If you have fake immigration seal checked by airlines before boarding
– If you carry excess foreign currency than authorised
– If you are an unruly passenger
– If your behaviour is suspicious
– If you can not report to checking counter minimum 60 minutes before the scheduled departure
– If you fail to reach at Boarding Bridge minimum 15 minutes before the departure
Deporting Causes:
– If your documents are false
– If you do not have enough fund with you to travel
– If you do not fulfill the immigration criteria
– If foreign country has any observation on you

Baggage Rules

Please read the baggage rules before you travel. Here is the link:

NOC required

If you are serving at financial/monetary organizations like Bank, Insurance company, NGO etc, you need to carry NOC(No Objection Certificate) from your organization while traveling abroad. Immigration will ask you to produce NOC while checking out.
Take care.